Friday, August 15, 2008


UPDATE at the end/middle of the post

Woody is a great character!

I made some studies of the illustrations John K posted on his blog.

I wanted to do some own poses. A light table and thinner paper would be handy. I got stuck with his spout and I wen to classic cartoons to do some small research.

When seeing these pictures, I realized I need to push myself more. Try to do some crazy things. I have the feeling I hold myself back.

I really like this insane stuff! Man, I don't want to be in the shoes of that customer! I wish I had seen more of these cartoons (and old WB cartoons offcourse) when I whas a kid, it would have blown my mind, Im sure of it! They should put it more on tv these days, that would inspire allot of kids.

I tried to do some more wacky stuff. Somehow the rough sketches seems better then the clean ups. I don't have a light table so I needed to made them from reference.

Trying to learn some things about backgrounds... Need to learn allot.
Perspective, shapes etc.


crazyharmke said...

Hey Mitch,

Great studies!
I love your drawinglines ^_^
Woody was on Dutch television @ "Wordt Vervolgd" (English: To Be Continued).
Maybe you remember it by seeing the intro:
They used to imitate Woody's laugh there too.
It stopped arround 1994 and continued on another channel, but it wasn't that popular there.


Mitch L said...

I only know it for a bit. Didn't watched it that mutch. I don't know why. I was a fan of looney toons. But I mostly remember the newer cartoons, with tweety & sylvester and the tazmanian devil (got allot of cloths of Taz back then, you've seen them from videos Harmke ;))

I only remember the more populair (and comercial) "telekids" on saturday morning. They also had some episodes of Ren and Stimpy, wich I loved. I liked all the crazy stuff. But on saturday morning I always went to soccer so I missed allot.

patrick said...

Hey Mitch, Woody is one of my favourite characters! He is definitely always doing a crazy pose, I'm learning to draw him too.

To answer your question; I learned most of what I know about Background painting from this post by John K. and Art Lozzi of Hanna/Barbera

(There are several great posts on BG paint, click on the "BG paint" tag, or "layout design" tag on his blog)

I'm glad you like the ones I've done so far, it's really fun to do. It would be cool to see you start up.