Friday, August 1, 2008


I really like to be able to draw own caricatures, but I never do it that much. I think because I think I can never learn it. So I want to push myself to learn it.
Besides that I want to learn how to draw in ps. Because that is more close to the real thing than in illu.

Before looking furtere, can you geuss who this is?

This is how it turned out. Again a long way to learn things. It is much better then my first caricature of Al, but the hair could be way better. And maybe I should try to use lesser lines and try to get a flow in the face with long strong lines. But that a thing I need to practise. Im used to get smooth lines in illu even when I draw slow, but in photo I realy need to make quick strokes to get them smooth. Hard! But you get more life I suppose.

I started with searching for different heads.

Here you can see the progress, the oldest don't look at al at all. After each version I layed an other layer and draw a "better" version over it. So I could see what I did wrong and what I did good.

How do you think he is? Does the final version looks a bit like Al? I really could use some feedback. Even if you think it's crap, tell me why.

Tom Richmonds tutorials helpt me allot. Are there some more good tutorials out there? Or books.


Hammerson said...

He's instantly recognizable. Very good caricature!

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

I like it. Caricature is so much fun. An exercise for learning caricature that I enjoy is walking up to strangers in public places, and asking if you can Caricature them. You'd be surprised how often people say yes.

patrick said...

I've really gotten into caricaturing lately! I like all the different approaches, particularly Al Hirschfeld.

Tom Richmond's tutorial has taught me a lot too.

I suggest going on and searching under "caricature". There is about 5 or 6 good books on it. And of course practice a lot!

I draw my friends & family almost everyday, because I already know what their faces look like without a photograph. I love drawing the Beatles too

Mitch L said...

Thnks, I think it's really important to do something like caricatures or do something else where you have to observate. Observate is all what drawing is about, right?

JohnK said...

Hey Mitch I have a drawing I did of WB characters I wanna use for a pitch to get me to make flash shorts starring them.

Would you want to ink it on spec?

I also plan to hire you to do inking on the George show (if you want the work)

email me...