Friday, August 8, 2008

WB pitch ink

Maybe bugs theets could be a bit thicker, what do you think?


Ryan G. said...

I think it looks great Mitch! What brush sizes do you use?

JohnK said...

it looks great!

Bugs' middle toe should be completed-make the line longer

can you send me the illustration file?

thanks loads!

Mitch L said...

Thanks John & Ryan!

I use different brushes all the time depending on the drawing. I use 2 different brushes, one for details and one for the big shapes. I try to keep it simple.

@johnk: I sent the file with "yousendit" did you got it?

Anonymous said...

Nice ink, Mitch. This one reminds me of those Looney Tune comics that Stephen DeStefano drew (he posted one on one of his blogs, but I don't know which one). Sadly, high school for me just started a few days ago, and I'm already receiving quite a bit of work (and some homework taboot). On top of that, a few of my classes are very lame (an algebraic strategies class, for example) Very stressful and busy times I must say.

Mitch L said...

Can't you doodle allot on high school?

Wow thanks for dropping that name of Stephen DeStefano. Never seen his blog, great stuff.