Thursday, August 14, 2008

george and kids

I really like these crazy faces. We don't see that very often anymore in animation.. I think the line thickness could be better on some points.

Exercise doodles:
The george drawings are study's from sketches from Rex Hackelberg. I based the girls loosly on Sody. And the 2 dog drawings from preston Blair, not really great copy's but I made them pretty fast. I wanted to try to make some own expresions of the dog, but I didn't got that far.


patrick said...

Wow, I like how your inks simplify everything without making them too simple, or losing any interestingness!

thanks for posting these new Slab & Ernie ones. Seeing them next to mine helps me realize all the things I need to change.

patrick said...

Oh, and I like your George sketches, you really capture the way he's so happy just being George Liquor! I inked my favourite one (the profile).

Mitch L said...

Thnks, I used sketches from Rex for those.

crazyharmke said...

Moooooooore! :D

JohnK said...

hey those are great

the lines are a bit too thick overall though, esp Slab N Ernie

Ernie is missing his eyebrows in first pose

I kinda sketched it in lightly in blue, but I didn't finish it myself.

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