Monday, January 28, 2008

Charlie the dog!

I did a new Charlie. (above)

I did an expiriment with doing some own expresions, I used a bugs bunny sheet as reference. But I don't have a good feeling about it... When I whas making this one's I had the feeling that I didn't knew good what to do. I think that I need to practise more to get more confident about it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I did some study's to practise how to deal with flesh and bones.

I wanted to know how to draw George, because I got a hard time with flesh and bones. Amir gave me this examples to help me understand it (thanks!).
I really like the whole sculpting idea. It helps me understanding and visualize the forms.

Here is my study (I got two poses from ren and stimpy, man's best friend):

George is a great character, my girlfriend finds him scary

I did charlie the dog as well, can anyone tell me how I should aproach the cheecks? Do you need to think about bones? Or is the cheek just pure flesh with lots of mass? I hope you can see my problem in the drawings.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elmer in steps

STEP 1OK, I'm going to make a post in steps. I just did this one above. It's better then my last one. I find the feets it difficults to do. Another thing that I find tricky is the jaw, I can't find a proper way to measure it (I now make the cranium 2,5 times as big as the jaw).


OK, I added the details. There are allot of subtle things that aren't right... And the nose and the eyes are too big..
Stephen Worth comment one time "Those little variations in a drawing are what give it natural vitality."
I need to work on that.


OK, I tried a pose from a sheet of foghorn. What do you think?


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Elmer construction

Before adding the details I scannend this one in.

I still keep doin mistakes in proportions and the angle of the forms... I want to be able to do this whitout too many troubles in 1 time.

Friday, January 11, 2008

More Elmer

More practise from Elmer. I hope I will be able to try some own poses of Elmer, but first I need to be able to make a good copy of him.

I have some problems with the eyes. I think the main problem is what I am doing wrong is that I don't wrap them good around the shape of the head, the jaw is an other problem I need to do better.

What do you think?
Does someone else have other modelsheets of Elmer?

I did the body. I did it too fast. Allot of parts aren't the right angle or the right proportion, I think I need to take more time and compare it while I'm drawing more with the original. Previous study's I did before of other charachters I took more time for, I compared it all the time when drawing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Elmer Fudd

I wanna try to know how to draw Elmer Fudd, so I can try other posses. First I tried to learn some things about the character design. I did make allot of mistakes but I will try to fix them in the next round.

My first study's:

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hmmm I really wanna practise my classic cartoon skills like inking and construction because I still have a long road to go and it's something I really reallyyyyyy wanna do... But in the meantime I need/wanna earn money with a job I learn from and I have a fun time with.

I have a new job, I'm working for a talanted dutch illustrator/graphic designer with lots of experience. The job is really cool and I am learning allot of stuff. But it takes allot of time even my spare time, because I need to learn many new things to do a good job (and school starts next month :( ). And because of that I can't spend as mutch time as I would like too on classic cartoons. It's hard to find a balance....

I forced some time to make this practise drawing of betty boop. You can see that I'm struggeling with it from the shabby lines.... I'm going to find some time to practise more. But Im thinking about doing an Elmer Fudd... Mayby I can try to do an own pose and then ink it. That would be cool!

And oyeah, a cartoon I worked on as an Intern aired last month in Holland! It's called Kika and Bob. It's fun to see you're name in the credits on TV :D