Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Animation Course Level 1, Lesson 1 (take2)

I wasn't happy with the take 1 I made because the characther whas getting smaller each frame in the animation. So I did a second attempt.

It isn't getting smaller but I think it moves a bit mechanical... I like to know what others think of it, is the animation more dead than the first take?

And I made a stupid mistake between 27 and 28, it makes a jump between that.

See it in action

I need to use another program to export it to .mov, flash doesn't work great at that. I think the .mov doesnt play that well..
Next thing I am going to do is checking and analyzing the timing, timing is something new aswell for me.

The cycle is 1,8 sec. long (starts from frame 8 and end at 52)

Let me know what ya think.

That's it for tonight, I am tired of all that animating ;)
Oyeah, I did a new ink as well :) (didn't make it today)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Animation Course Level 1, Lesson 1

I did an animation lesson of Johnk K.

I used trace paper (I hadn't enough paper for the last frames).
I made some mistakes, the biggest is that on each frame I made the character a bit smaller... On the end the character was really smaller then in the first frame. Argh!!

Click here to see my shot
1.0 See below for new version

I did make a new version (with the frames I drew in the last shot), I used this time 24 fps and I used drawings (starts from frame 34) to repeat the cycle.
Only now my problem of it is getting smaller is now more visible...
New version 2.0

the original version

Please tell me what you think of my attempt to animation :) I need to learn alot and feedback would really help me.

Should I use a computer program to make the next animation? Or should I use normal paper?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

inking a funny cute

This time I did one of Katie's drawing. I see now that I have to learn to get all the angles/corners good.. This time I did evrything with a weight 9 brush and that worked good for me, I did all thin linens with low pressure instead of a smaller weight.

I did a study sketch from it as well. But the details of my version are kinda *** up :( and I don't like my linens...
It whas interesting to do though, learnend alot about the construction from it.

Oyeah, joy! Problems solved with the wacom.