Sunday, September 30, 2007

Looney Toons

My girlfriend bought some DVDs from way back. The cover art really sucks. But we've seen two cartoons of it which were directed by Freleng and one from Clampett, so that is nice!

The bad thing though is that it's completely in Dutch, and the Dutch voices really suck! But what the heck, they only cost 5 euros for 3 DVDs togheter and they aren't digital compost.

Here are the scans, the Felix isn't so bad as the bugs and porky.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

just to practise

I did some new practise from Preston Blair, I did ink a couple.

I wanna do this more (to ink some of the things I practise). I think it needs to be more playfully, I need to study more inks from others.

I try to look at Brian's and Corbets work to learn how to ink.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I wanted to post something again. I am not really happy with this but I wanted to show what I am practising so I can get some honest feedback, tips and maybe help some other struggling peeps like me.
I'm trying to get a basic understanding of forms so maybe I can construct my own poses (like a inbetweener), the Top Cat lesson is a very good exercise for that. I picked a character from the Preston Blair book (page 3) he has only 2 views and I tried to make other views from that, I think my main problem is to really visualise the form in 3D in my head...
I'm thinking I will do more of this sort of exercise, if you know a better way of learning that please shout.

I tried to sketch a bit more free then I used to do.

This one under did I before the one above, it was really a experiment for the upper one.
I did some new Top Cats as well.

I have the feeling when you draw faster that you get an overall better result, am I right?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

new top cat

New top cat, this one is better then my last one (see previous post) but you still can see allot of mistakes. It's a good thing to compare it with a photo.

Before I made this one I did allot of practises again of the head, although I don't think they are good. They sure help you get all the information in you're head.

I did some other things too.
I tried to make a character, but I think I'm not that far yet. I have the feeling I can't control that yet. So tips are welcome. I looked at some spumco for emotions, I studied some spumco drawings as well.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

construction, construction, construction

I did this top cat from reference photo's on John K's blog. It was to practice construction, I'm going trying to focus more on construction. I'm thinking about what I did wrong, maybe I did it to hasty or maybe I need it to try more. What do you think could be better?

And I did some other practises as well, I picked Jerry because for the solid construction. I tried to wrap the details around as perfect as I could do it.


And some rubber hose as well. I think this rubber hose drawings are good to practise proportions because of the basics forms.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Need to draw more


Hmm because of my internship I can't draw as much as I would like to...
But I am going to try to keep posting drawings to see what progress I am making, like a diary.

This time I did porky, I think I had the most trouble with placing the eyes.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back from vacation

Well, holiday is over and tomorrow is my first day of my new internship.

I did some new constructions practices (under all the text) I found on John K's site. I'm now thinking what I can do best to learn more. To stay copying drawings and keep doing that until it's almost a perfect copy or making different poses myself from a good build character.

In a short time I need to decide what to do next year after I graduate my current school, going to work somewhere or going to a art school. I thinking to go to a art animation/illustration school in Holland, but I'm still not sure. I also like to study outside the Netherlands but I am doubting if that is going to help me more and it cost allot of money.