Saturday, September 29, 2007

just to practise

I did some new practise from Preston Blair, I did ink a couple.

I wanna do this more (to ink some of the things I practise). I think it needs to be more playfully, I need to study more inks from others.

I try to look at Brian's and Corbets work to learn how to ink.


JohnK said...

Hey Mitch

didn't you have some more posts with your inking practices? Or am I thinking of someone else?

Anyway, I'm impressed with your studies!

I'm doing a post about you today.

Check it out!

akira said...

awesome blog! thanks for posting your progress it's very inspirational!

can you explain the details of how you are doing the inking please? are you importing your pencils into illustrator and using a wacom tablet?

thanks a lot!

JohnK said...

Hi again

why don't you also post the model sheets and pages you are copying for comparison? Then I will critique them on my blog and link to you.

doctor_rock said...


Your drawings set a high standard for the rest of us doing the $100k ASIFA course, thanks for publishing.

Way to scoop props from John K on his blog. Thats like Jesus writing to tell you that you "pray really well".

- CD

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Take a look at Jeff Smith, Charles Burns and Shane Glines too. There's a lot of good inking in old funny animal type comic books from the 40's and 50's.

As you discovered, you'll need to make different brushes for different tasks. Don't be afraid to get bold with the lines. Keep up all the good work! I need to hit the Preston Blair book again myself. I never stop learning from it!

Mitch said...

Thanks for the namens Brian, I did a short peek and it looked nice.

When do we see some new drawings on you're blog Brian?