Sunday, September 30, 2007

Looney Toons

My girlfriend bought some DVDs from way back. The cover art really sucks. But we've seen two cartoons of it which were directed by Freleng and one from Clampett, so that is nice!

The bad thing though is that it's completely in Dutch, and the Dutch voices really suck! But what the heck, they only cost 5 euros for 3 DVDs togheter and they aren't digital compost.

Here are the scans, the Felix isn't so bad as the bugs and porky.


Paul Stadden said...

Do you check Youtube and Google video? There are a lot of awesome cartoons that have been uploaded, and the ones on Google video are available for download! I have a bunch of the old, 1920's Felix the Cat's on my computer. Talk about huge inspiration!

Jeff Cook said...

The Bugs Bunny cover is ... alright. The 'Ali Baba Bound' Porky gets a bit funky.

Yea, you should watch some Popeye cartoons from 1933 on YouTube, they are excellent and probably not what you have preconceived.

I bought a couple of Bosko dvds recently which I haven't watched all of yet and those cartoons from 1930 were a surprise from what I was expecting too.

Mitch said...

Yeah I watch on Youtube and google video.

I also use stage 6 to watch cartoons.

But still I prefer to watch on my telie :)
Too bad I have a pal dvd player, otherwise I could buy some dvd's with ebay.

Roberto said...

Congrats on being featured on John's blog, Mitch! I have a question to ask you, though. What kinds of pencils do you normally use when copying from cartoon model sheets, frame grabs, etc.?

Mitch said...

I use all kinds of pencils, I buy them just at my local drawing store. Now I have a derwent graphic 2B (I like this one the most) and a faber castell B in front of me. Nothing special I think...

Julián höek said...

that bugs cover is from falling hare when he watches at the gremlin near the floor!
i hope i could get those here!