Friday, September 28, 2007


I wanted to post something again. I am not really happy with this but I wanted to show what I am practising so I can get some honest feedback, tips and maybe help some other struggling peeps like me.
I'm trying to get a basic understanding of forms so maybe I can construct my own poses (like a inbetweener), the Top Cat lesson is a very good exercise for that. I picked a character from the Preston Blair book (page 3) he has only 2 views and I tried to make other views from that, I think my main problem is to really visualise the form in 3D in my head...
I'm thinking I will do more of this sort of exercise, if you know a better way of learning that please shout.

I tried to sketch a bit more free then I used to do.

This one under did I before the one above, it was really a experiment for the upper one.
I did some new Top Cats as well.

I have the feeling when you draw faster that you get an overall better result, am I right?


LampshadeMan said...

"Can someone tell me how they work?

I mean do you draw on a light table or not, or do you use see-trough paper?"

I use a light table, but usually only for cleanup. Although it is harder at first, keeping the light off and flipping your pages to check volumes, paths of action, timing, etc. is a good approach. I find that using the light to place your inbetweens gives you a traced look to it and destroy the illusion of 3-dimensionality. Hope that helps. And good head studies!

Mitch said...

Thnks :)
I will try it by just flipping the pages.
And I hope that I have a light table in the future.