Sunday, September 23, 2007

new top cat

New top cat, this one is better then my last one (see previous post) but you still can see allot of mistakes. It's a good thing to compare it with a photo.

Before I made this one I did allot of practises again of the head, although I don't think they are good. They sure help you get all the information in you're head.

I did some other things too.
I tried to make a character, but I think I'm not that far yet. I have the feeling I can't control that yet. So tips are welcome. I looked at some spumco for emotions, I studied some spumco drawings as well.



JohnH said...

I like the character work, very nice. It's a little generic though. What could you change to make them more memorable?

Taber said...

What I can see the most struggle with is the side 3/4 views where there isn't a clear forward or backward tilt. Remember to think of the shape as a cube or cylinder. Each surface must be tilted at you or away from you in perspective and each part has to relate to the other parts because they all obey the same vanishing point(s).

Keep it up!

Mitch said...

@John: Yeah generic! There's something I can work on, to be honest I didn't really thought about a personalitie or something (how bland and stupid). I just wanted to make something fun and for the practise, but that don't work that well. Thnks :)

@Taber: Yeah that's something I need to work on. I see it now and understand it. Thnks

Anybody some more tips?

PCUnfunny said...

I love the drawings. Keep working on Top Cat, I know it's hell. I LOVE the R&S drawings. They came out alot better then mine.