Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Elmer construction

Before adding the details I scannend this one in.

I still keep doin mistakes in proportions and the angle of the forms... I want to be able to do this whitout too many troubles in 1 time.


crazyharmke said...

Keep on going!
Your nice flowing lines and curves are coming back :)
(I miss them in your first "Elmer-post")
Elmer is a complex character to draw, so I think you're doing a good job!
"Practise" is the magic word :)

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

These are really good. I just about always have things slightly off as well. I wouldn't worry about it tho, because your construction is solid. Just go back and correct the minor errors. After all the point of these is to learn to draw cartoons, not to learn to copy others cartoons perfectly.

Mitch Leeuwe said...

Thanks you two.

"Your nice flowing lines and curves are coming back"
I think how better you get to know the character and when drawing the character goes easier the lines will look smoother. It all needs to sink in.

I think you are right Looney, it don't needs to be a perfect copy. It needs to be Elmer..
But some people do make a study and that's a perfect copy. I think I get a bit jealous by seeing such good study's and than I wanting to be able to do that.

After a day working home I now have time to do some new practise :) I will try to make a new study of Elmer and one with a different pose.