Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elmer in steps

STEP 1OK, I'm going to make a post in steps. I just did this one above. It's better then my last one. I find the feets it difficults to do. Another thing that I find tricky is the jaw, I can't find a proper way to measure it (I now make the cranium 2,5 times as big as the jaw).


OK, I added the details. There are allot of subtle things that aren't right... And the nose and the eyes are too big..
Stephen Worth comment one time "Those little variations in a drawing are what give it natural vitality."
I need to work on that.


OK, I tried a pose from a sheet of foghorn. What do you think?


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Bitter Animator said...

Hey Mitch, just had a browse of your blog. Looks like you're getting on great and taking in those lessons from John K. When it comes to cartoony cartoons, there's no doubt he's the man!

Good luck with it and thanks for stopping by my little blog!