Sunday, January 27, 2008


I did some study's to practise how to deal with flesh and bones.

I wanted to know how to draw George, because I got a hard time with flesh and bones. Amir gave me this examples to help me understand it (thanks!).
I really like the whole sculpting idea. It helps me understanding and visualize the forms.

Here is my study (I got two poses from ren and stimpy, man's best friend):

George is a great character, my girlfriend finds him scary

I did charlie the dog as well, can anyone tell me how I should aproach the cheecks? Do you need to think about bones? Or is the cheek just pure flesh with lots of mass? I hope you can see my problem in the drawings.


amir avni said...

Mitch, your drawings are improving all the time!
I'm glad my sketchy little tutorial helped you,
Like I said this isn't necessarily how you'd be taught to draw George at Spumco, But it's a method to help visualize characters in 3d views.

Your Charlie drawings are good, As for the cheeks, Like John says, think of the cheek as a slab of meat that can stretch and squash, On charlie you can imagine it as a slab of raw chicken breast.
In your analysis you drew a circle over his cheeks, as you can see the lower eye lid is compressed a bit as his cheeks rise, the cheek ends slightly above your circle, not below. This is really really minor though, nice work!

Mitch Leeuwe said...


I'm gonna do more of Charlie, I got some nice modelsheets.

patchwork said...

thanks for the tutorials Amir and Mitch. George can be tricky to draw. I never thought of the sculpting approach.