Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hmmm I really wanna practise my classic cartoon skills like inking and construction because I still have a long road to go and it's something I really reallyyyyyy wanna do... But in the meantime I need/wanna earn money with a job I learn from and I have a fun time with.

I have a new job, I'm working for a talanted dutch illustrator/graphic designer with lots of experience. The job is really cool and I am learning allot of stuff. But it takes allot of time even my spare time, because I need to learn many new things to do a good job (and school starts next month :( ). And because of that I can't spend as mutch time as I would like too on classic cartoons. It's hard to find a balance....

I forced some time to make this practise drawing of betty boop. You can see that I'm struggeling with it from the shabby lines.... I'm going to find some time to practise more. But Im thinking about doing an Elmer Fudd... Mayby I can try to do an own pose and then ink it. That would be cool!

And oyeah, a cartoon I worked on as an Intern aired last month in Holland! It's called Kika and Bob. It's fun to see you're name in the credits on TV :D

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