Tuesday, August 19, 2008

George getting insane!


Im making it myself hard, I didn't had to do the whole ink again. I just had to fix the eyes.

I also think I need to think more about construction when inking. Like Amir, he made construction guides in the eyes of george to help give depth in the eyes. Here.


*Still need to close the gaps


Gotta go for the bus! Tommorow I have more time.


I tried to be as critical as I could. Hmm the hair on the top of his head could be a bit thicker. (I only changed frame 7 in the middle)

Note: I didn' closed all the gaps yet. Are the iresses correct? Does he eats the table like in frame 5?

Man I really like those crazy expressions!


JohnK said...

can you back and check all the shapes a little closer

many of them are changing and getting evened out

also, the lines are too thin overall now


Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Nice work, I like the analyzing.

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-David O.

Bitter Animator said...

Wow, these are getting really good, Mitch, and it's fantastic to have Mr.K himself critique your work.

You're going to do so well.

JohnK said...


2 more tips

eyes: pupils, irises and eyes need to relate to each other; they can't all be totally different shapes
the pupil and iris sit o the form of the eye and have to look like they wrap around that overall shape

no straight lines: - watch out for inverted curves-like on the left line of the left eye

the lines should still be curved slightly,

but convex to make the objects look 3-dimensional

the angles have to bend around the shapes, not just be corners

the heavy cheek line is good, use that always, it gives weight to George's meaty flesh


Ryan G. said...

Awesome Mitch! These look like they were a lot of fun to do.

JohnK said...

instead of redoing the whole drawing from scratch again, why not just fix the parts I ask to fix?

like now things that were good in the last one have been changed

too confusing...