Tuesday, May 27, 2008

layout george

Original storyboard drawing from Rex.

I did a layout version of it:
Before I did the one above I made these ones. I tryed to get the feel and to loosen up. Practise, practise really works.


on request of amir (my scanner is getting weird, he hase his own mind..):

And for fun:

All these drawings are based on a storyboard drawing from Rex Hackelberg.


amir avni said...

Hey Mitch,
Nice drawings!
As you asked, here's my feedback:

I think the first pose can be improved with more of a curved line of action,
Notice that Rex's drawing is flowing and continuous- there is less separation between the body parts, it thins at the neck, like you indicated, but it's one basic shape, both arms are curved, the legs are farther back, chest up.
I think that on your practice page, the two drawings on the right capture rex's drawings best.

It looks like you've applied this in the next one you've just posted: It's more unified, good flow! I can feel the eagerness, and I love the angry face!

Can you post the originals for those as well?

Mitch L said...

Thanks allot! Gonna try it.