Thursday, May 15, 2008


Damn hard, im working on better versions of the drawings. But it's hard, so many things to think of.

I didn't like the first try. So I did another go.

A bunion really looks weird.

I tried not to be to busy with construction etc. but to spontanious. I don't think that is worked in the one above. So I took a little notebook and started drawing with a pen (and acting a bit when drawing, I really made some weird noises)

When seeing this I realize that I need to scrible more, at least I think it is because of that the drawing look ugly. Anyway Im more positive about George number 2, because of the funny pose and that you really see him stretching.

I don't think he needs to be as scared as some are above. I think he needs to be a bit nauseous.

Anyone have some more feedback or tips? I can use it.


patchwork said...

Urine stain on undies too!

Keep going, you'll soon be ahead of the curve it seems. Good fun drawings with specific acting. bad-ass!

maybe draw a little bigger, less crowded panels?

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Yeah, that helped me a lot, too, drawing one pose on one sheet of paper.

Draw bigger, you can see clearer.

- trevor.

crazyharmke said...

Overdo the expressions.
Like you did with the streching in bed pose :)

Mitch L said...

Thanks all, I am gonna practise allot.