Wednesday, May 28, 2008

layout george and inked


crazyharmke said...

You're holding your pencil at the point.
Maybe it helps if you hold it more to the middle of the pencil?

I bought my drawingtable for only 7 euro's (about 10 dollar) @ a recycling-store (or whatever you call it).
Or maybe you can search on
Or you can use my drawingtable ofcourse when you're here :)

queefy said...

I draw the same way, but with the Tigers game on in the background. You could try craigslist and other sites like that to find a used table.

Mitch L said...

If I have a room/apartment soon I will buy such a table. But in the mean time I have to work like this.

For now I want to work at how I hold the pencil etc. Like how Harmke says.

Mitch K said...

Hey Mitch! haha

Your George sketch is funny. You know, you could always build a box from wood with a slanted surface, and place it on top of a normal desk. It shouldn't be too much trouble to make your own desk. Show your girlfriend how handy you are with a hammer!

You could even cut a circle in the top and stick an animation disk on it. The disk would probably cost more than the wood! :D

It is much better practice to draw on a desk than it is your lap. It really frees your arm so that you don't have to rely on using your wrist so much. Good luck!! =)

Mitch L said...

"Show your girlfriend how handy you are with a hammer!"

Thats a good idea and practising other skills is always good, right?