Friday, February 29, 2008

Rambling: I wish I could be an Inker to learn cartooning

Im trying to study poses from actors etc. I want to know a bit about acting so I can make better characters. It's something I'm wrestling with, I will try to post some of that stuff in a while.

Another thing I'm doing is my last year of school, just 10 more months and Im finished with it. One of the things I need to do for school is to make a portfolio, I will use that assignment to make a portfolio for finding work and to show what I can. I only now know that I can't make what I want, I just aint that good yet... But I can't practise forever and I need to think about what kind of work I want to do (in the Netherlands we don't have any animation studio's), I need to trow myself in the market. So I am trying to find a "style" that I can use for my portfolio, without giving up the things I am trying to learn. Man I hope I can make something I will be happy with..

Hmm I think it's too generic and too safe. But I need to begin somewhere.


Anthony P. Rizzo said...

I think this guy is a good place to start. He has the Jerry proportions of from Tom and Jerry. Thats a good thing, he will be easy to draw over and over. Generic is good for practicing this kind of stuff. What I suggest is that u take him thru the Jerry model sheet poses. Draw him in all those poses and then draw them again. I like the lions mane he has u can use to your advantage, some good secondary movement, overlapp and morphing it to help the facial expressions. Get on it!!

Mitch L said...

That's a great idea! Thanks