Thursday, February 21, 2008

bugs bunny, working on construction

For this study I use a screen from falling hare, the Bugs has been drawn by McKimson. I really like it to draw, but it is really hard.
This is how I work. I wanna show it so maybe some bloggers have some tips for me and maybe some bloggers will find it usefull.

Blue pencil setup. I scan it in to check the construction. Before I scan it in, I think about what I did wrong. I now think that I did the angle on the head wrong and because of that the line of action isn't smooth. We will see...

Ok, I scanned it in and compared it with the original. I needed to rotate the drawing a bit. The head looks ok. But the body is really bad... So bad I don't know if I wanna fix it. Because the body is wrong I did his arms and etc. also wrong.. I will try to adjust that.
Ok, I think this one whill be decent. I think the carrot will have a wrong angle, but for now I can life with that. Next comparison.
Ok, the biggest mistakes are in his hands. That's OK because I still got trouble with hands.


patchwork said...

your face features are great. I think once you get hands and body down good, you will be unstoppable.

as far as the line of action, Preston Blair says it's very important to draw that first!

(I use circles to make volume too)

Chris said...

Damn good. Very good use of circles to get the shapes and volume. Keep it up. Great studies.

PS - Thanks for commenting on my work.