Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Made me think

Amir's last comment on my previous post made me think. The last year I am really trying to develop my drawing (cartoons) skills, I do think allot about it how I can get better and how good I can get. I hope I can use my principles that I am learning with this blog can apply on my work, as soon as possible. I really wanna work somewhere where I can learn the principles from others, but that is not really realistic for me (I think). Just like a school where I can learn this stuff.

I think if you are a wannabe cartoonist you need to approach it in two ways. 1 learn the principles and 2 experiment with youre own ideas and stuff. I am learning the principles on this blog and I made an other blog where I will try to put 1 doodle/caricature etc. a day. To get a sort of own eye and feel for things.

I did a new drawing of slabnernie. It's really not on model but I tried to experiment a bit, be a bit more loose. Uhm I think this kinda drawings belong on my other blog... Nah, I will use my other blog for own sketches and stuff.


Anthony P. Rizzo said...

Hey Mitch! Nice work here. Ernie and Slab are coming right along. Remember, its all just ovals and S-curves! I'm also doing John's tutorials. Check me out if you can some time.


Keep up the good work! Discipline! One Drawing a day...


Roberto said...

Awesome Slab drawings, Mitch! These are some of your most cartoony drawings yet.