Monday, April 7, 2008

preston blair ink

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Julián Höek said...

thanks for the comment mitch! your blog is very inspirational for all of us aspiring to be cartoonist one day!!

you really nail this duck, i did it once and is a tought sucker! the inks also looks great

i have a question now that i got a wacom tablet and i'm starting to do digital inks. do you use photoshop or illustrator? and do you ink your drawings with the polyline tool or with a free hand brush? if it's the last case, how do you set your brush up?
i find it very hard to control the precision of my lines with the tablet yet when i'm doing a free hand ink, ill guess that's till i'll get use to not see directly the line i'm doing.
oh and how about the think and thins? you do all that with then pen pressure or you modifie the vector line later?

thanks and keep those practice coming!