Tuesday, April 8, 2008

more preston blair

drawing from Tex Avery


David said...

Nice work! But I guess you're right about the lines being too thin now...

Colter said...

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate the comment.

I am also in-training, if you call it that, but I will try and help you where I can.

I noticed you had Brian Romero on your link list, he is definitely someone you want to follow when it comes to linework. In fact, he has a few tutorials that are a must when it comes to inking.

I'm sure you've found them.

As far as the pieces in this post, I think they look good and close to the line work you would see on the actual shows.

Really the only tip I can give you is to try and vary the line weight, it seems like these drawings are a bit lacking when it comes to varied line weight.

I'm still struggling to get into the habit myself, but just be aware of the lines as you draw.

That's it. They look great.