Friday, April 11, 2008

line work

I keep on practising on Preston Blair. I didn't did this one for the construction but I tried to focus on the lines. Altough forms and lines do work togheter.

Anyhow I am curious to what others think? Are they good, too thin, too safe etc. Shoot me.

Next thing I am gonna try is to ink a drawing from Jack Kirby. I also want to do one of Shane Glines. On Amir's blog I found a really interesting interview from Shane Glines.

patchwork gave me a good comment. I adjusted the drawing and made the lines thicker, I tryed not to force it. Oyeah, and a copy of an Irve Spence drawing.


patchwork said...

I'm learning this principle too.

It appears to me that all the lines here are the same thickness. (Except the shoulder and the mouth).

From what I understand, the general forms typically have thicker lines, and the details have thinner. John mentions the hierarchy in, "Is a good line important?"

JohnK said...

Hey Mitch

do you still have me email?

Gimme a shout

amir avni said...

Great practice as always!