Sunday, June 15, 2008

I need a goal

I did some poses of slab n ernie. But I just doodled some poses without any story or context behind it. I have the feeling that I need to find something that motivates me. Im gonna work on a small school project that needs some concept art. I think I need to draw more in context. I hope I can work for someone soon .
Im trying to learn some new things as well. I don't have an art education so I need to search for books and stuff on internet.

I just got a couple of books. Almost vacation so I have allot of time going trough these books, can't wait!


Looney Moon Cartoons said...

I would recommend "The Natural Way To Draw" By Kimon Nicolaides
It is a series of exercises designed to strengthen your fundamental drawing skills. I must warn you it is intensive, with a 15 hour a week schedule. Also, If you don't have access to a model, you have to make creative adaptations to the exercises to work in your own life. I have been doing these studies since February and it has made a huge difference in my realistic drawing abiltiy. Which, of coarse, helps with cartoon drawing. Also, it gives great insight into how to go about studying art. Its like an art school in a book. Can't recommend it enough!

Anthony Rizzo said...

All you need is the Preston Blair Cartoon Animation book. If I had to keep just one book out of all my animation books it would be that one hands down. My advice on buying art books is don't buy too many. Less is more, trust me. And you will save money too!

Mitch L said...

Thanks Looney Moon, a book for the future :) Forget schools! Books are the future! Nice price for the book as well, the price for books in the Netherlands are much higher. I mean a book you can buy in the USA for 10 buck you buy in the Netherlands for 20 euro! Insane! Amazone is a good pall.

Buongiorno Anthony Rizzo, yeah the Preston Blair book is always on my right side of the desk where I can always use it when I need it. Its a great book and can't learn enough from it. I like it that it isn't to much of talk, you can keep learning from it. I always recommend for people who want to learn to draw.

But I am convinced that these books give me some more basics.