Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dumm Comics fan art

Today I noticed that Dumm Comics had a forum and you could post fan art on the forum. Thus I made this fan art. Go read Dumm Comics!


patchwork said...

Holy freakin' cow Mitch, I'm blown away! Way to set the standard for the rest of us. I love cartoon group images like this. Great poses and negative shapes!

I have a request; I'd like to see you draw a caricature of yourself, someday

Mitch L said...

Haha maybe other people first.

Ces said...

Hallo Mitch, hoe is het? Thanks for dropping by my blog, and for adding me to your links, I will do the same! What you're doing is very special, keep up the good work and let's stay in touch!

Anthony Rizzo said...


Thanks for the comment. I was the one trying to catch up my drawings with you guys. Haha. Thanks for posting the DUmm COmics link. Really great stuff on there. I shall do a fan page for them too!

Paco said...

Hey Mitch! Nice work, ziet er goed uit allemaal. Als je ooit een keer langs wilt komen op ons studiotje (Anikey) ben je uiteraard van harte welkom, we zijn benieuwd naar meer van je animatiewerk! Is het goed als we naar je blog linken via onze blog?



Ivan D said...

So cool!
Best dummcomics fanart I've seen.