Saturday, October 6, 2007

Inky ink

What do you think of it? Give some critique if you have, I am man enough ;)

I think I need to work on the crossing points of the lines (points etc.)

I just finished this one under, when I was half way I had read Brian's comment and tried to be more playfull with the lines and give her more weight.


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good. Don't be afraid to make thicker lines on some of the larger shapes. You did a good job of this on her head, but try and giver legs and body some weight too.

Anonymous said...

The second one is looking even better than the first. On the leg she's kicking out I'd have the thicker lines on the bottom (calf, lower thigh) rather than the top. I see a lot of progress from the very first inks you posted. Keep it up!

JohnK said...

They are good, but you evened out some of the shapes.

The girl's butt in the second dwg should be more angular like the pencils.

Some of your curves are too even. Look closely at the pencils and see the contrasts and the subtle angles.