Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ramjet Construction

I tried to put my interpertations on paper.Almost evry shape is long and thin, except the body that's wider. The difference in shapes is being made with the contrast in lenght of the shapes.

Below I tried to do a better job and tried to apply what I have learnd.


JohnK said...

Great start Mitch!

On the baseball player, you put the center line on his chin, not in the center.

I are da cute one said...

that's better than me. (but then again, I only drew the giraffe granny just to try it out.) I sent it to John thru myspace so ya wont be seeing it right away. :3

Mitch said...

Thanks John, it's inspiering to get a reaction from you :)

To "i are da cute one". Why don't you post it on youre blog? It's good to show it to other people.
I think its not about witch one is better but that its about how you develop.