Thursday, July 19, 2007

first inking in illustrator

This is my first inking in illustrator. I find it fun to work with the brush in illustrator, but it's new for me and I sure need to work on the technic.

Besides that I don't have any inking experience :P



Anonymous said...

If the line isn't perfectly pointed you can either draw it again or go to the Object menu and select 'expand appearance' which will turn it into a shape rather than a stroke. From there you can tweak all the points. For drawing circles and ellipse type of shapes, you'll have to draw through where the line meets and be sure to apply less pressure as you reach the end of your line. Most of all it just takes a lot of practice. Have fun and good luck!

Mitch said...

Thanks alot, for the big tips :D

Hmm I need to buy a new wacom :p my own wacom begins to have some cures and my pen doesn't work anymore... Arghhhh