Saturday, May 9, 2015

environment sketching 1

-look out for vanashing points too close to the frame, to get not too much distortion.
-look for 1/3
-look for an interesting VP (vocal point)
-use contrast to guide the eye. large vs small, straight vs curved, round vs square
-with thumbnailing focus on stay loose and work the idea out
-the more contrast on 1 spot the more it draws the attention
-use perspectie points PP to guide the eye.
-use few different shapes (2) round and square for example.
-2 point perspective is more dynamic then 1 point perspective
-use simple shape design in your thumbs, too man different shapes is too distracting
-use overlap, clouds too guide the eye
-overlap for depth
-combine basic shapes to make it a bit more interesting
-use different proportions for the shapes to make it more interesting
-establish depth
-start with shapes and don't analyze too much
-repeat certain shapes
-one shape dominant and the second secondairy (trecondairy is also possible)
-work small so you can fit the vanishing points on the paper
-put the mind on the creative part, save the analyze for when you have lot's of thumbnails
-use details around vocal point, also establishes a believable world
-once you have a solid idea, staging and a scene you can move on to the next one
-having more interesting details in the background can make a vocal point a secondairy FC

for the homework I'll start with drawing a lot of thumbnails with different points. I'll analyze the drawings and pick the best and most diverse ones. Those 9 I'll work a bit more out. The drawings should be loose and have a good idea and should be diverse.

-1p, 2p, 3p
-round vs square
-triangle vs. round
-establishing shot
-far away

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