Sunday, December 16, 2012

visual storytelling

I am reading the book "directing the story" and am learning much from it. My short term goal is to get more story and emotion in my drawings.

Points to keep in mind for visual storytelling (got this from the book):

-We watch movies to feel good.
-Make a story that matters.
-Make the drawing character driven.
-Use action and reaction.
-Fight confusion.
-Make sure your images clearly show the story.
-When starting draw bold!
-Don't be afraid to trow away drawings.
-Use gestures to help tell the story.
-Learn to draw the essentials first.
-Direct the eye with composition, balance, position, dominance, unity, alteration, repetition, contrast, similarity, symmetry and rhythm.
-Direct the eye with the eye direction of the characters.
-Direct the eye with read order (left to right)
-Use composition to create visual drama.
-Analyze your compositions, exploring each design element at a time, as well as overall.
-Explore all the ways images ask questions to get powerfull narrative questions.
-Use semiotics to find ways to speak indirectly, thus ingaging more participation from your audience.
-Stack you connotations so that if you present one aspect, it will trigger the whole thing in the minds of your audience.
-Everything speaks, it is impossible not to communicate

Questions to ask myself while drawing.

-What is it?
-What is going on?
-Why do I care?
-Why should I care?
-What do the characters depicted want?
-What happens next?
-What may change that can set something in motion?

Much to learn and still a bit overwelming!

I'm trying to make a drawing that in 1 shot tell a story:

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