Monday, June 22, 2009


After the portfolio night last week I have drawn the conclusion for myself that I need to go further with the way I was going. But besides the technical things Im practicing I need to develop myself also on the conceptual side. I want to grow in creating my own world's, wit original and fresh characters, props and backgrounds. I want to do this by doodling in theme's. But are theme's enough to motivate myself enough to create. Don't I need a strong back-story and a good concept? I think that will help, but I can't come up with a good back-story or a good concept in such a good time. But I want to work on that as well. For now I assume I don't have to think that much yet and try too come up with new shapes by doodling.

The first theme I want to try this out with is creating an world, actually a universe where is taking place an adventure with space ships, mechanical enemy's and a hero. My target is to create allot of fun doodles and work at least 3 doodles out to pencil drawings. I want to make it less generic then I used to do, by making it more exaggerating and use crazy and funny shapes in the designs.

Here are some sketches

And a quick ink.

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