Sunday, October 5, 2008


Link to original modelsheet
Finally I got some time now to make some new study drawings. These aren't perfect study's (at all) but Im asking myself how to study drawings. What do we learn when we are making a study and what we don't learn? I often tried to make drawings as accurate as possible. But when I am doing that I really took allot of time and whas really calculating the drawing. I think the good thing is you really learn to see mistakes good, like when I drew a hand to big. But it doesn't felt like drawing natural. These study's I did faster and tried to be as natural as I could.

And tried to think about what I whas doing in steps.
In short:

Bleu pencil

-proportions and angles.

Grey pencil

-Clean up


kevin said...

I have the same problem when studying drawings. I tend to draw very stiff. Drawing becomes more arduous than fun.

patrick said...

Interesting question Mitch! I'd say, whether I'm trying to copy something perfectly or just quickly & naturally, I hope to be developing an eye for
balance & proportion,
and negative space,
while maintaining energy & life in the drawing.

I think doing both is a good way to develop your skill. And of course it's best to study many different artists!

Mitch L said...

Yesterday I went to eat with some old college's. One advised me to do more drawing from life. Allot of people say it, Im going to try it more. He asked me to draw something on a beer filter but I found it difficult to draw something that quick.

I think it will help in drawing balance, proportion, perspective and negative space. And especially it will help make an own eye for drawing.