Monday, July 21, 2008

inking a Jim Smith drawing

Im gonna practise more on backgrounds. Those Jim Smith drawings rocks and there fun to ink.


David said...

Hey Mitch!

Nice inks!
I didn't see that eyelid before!
Good one!

Ivan D said...

Yes sir, I like it!

The clock numbers and circle that comprises most of the outline look a little thicker then everything else. I found this a distracting even from the preview pic.

Anthony Rizzo said...

Yo Mitch,

Nice pic! Im doing these too. What you have here is great but just make some of the lines heavier or thicker where they need to be on georges body , etc. I think thats what John is looking for. Hope that helps. Keep it up. Later dude.


Ryan G. said...

Awesome Mitch! Im gunna give a shot at this one later on this week..

Mitch L said...

Thanks dudes!

Yeah that eyelid whas hard to see, but I whas thinking that it looked cool with a eyelid. That it helped the expresion.

You are right about the clock circle being to thick and that the ink drawing needs more diversetie in line thickness.

Curious to see all youre inks!