Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bounche walk

I started animating one of John K's Lesson.
10 x beats. Flip the Frog: double bounce walk

I started with setting the keyframes. I did that with looking when the character was at his highest points during the walk. I didn't do the inbetweens.
I didn't understand it all too well and after I compaired it with the fla file from John I now know that I didn't aproached it right from the start. I need to use the exsheet next time.
Here you can see my test.
Here is my try.

Flash is really excellent for this kind of study's. It's allot faster than do it hand drawn.


Anthony P. Rizzo said...

Yr missing the second bounce. "Double bounce" walk needs 2 bounces. Basically his mid section goes up then down every other frame. Make sense?

Mitch L said...

Yeah you are right. He misses some important keys.
Im gonna try to do tomorrow a better one.